Level Three | Commission

Armed Security Guard

Our Armed Commissioned Guard training course provides individuals with advanced skills and knowledge necessary for armed security positions. This rigorous program covers critical topics and practical training to ensure trainees are fully prepared to handle high-stakes security scenarios with professionalism and precision.

Course Outcome:

Master Advanced Security Practices and Preparedness for Armed Protection

Advanced Security Fundamentals

Understanding the role and responsibilities of an armed security guard and advanced security industry standards.

Firearms Training and Safety

Comprehensive firearm safety and handling procedures. Live-fire training sessions to ensure proficiency and accuracy.

Legal and Ethical concerns

In-depth study of security laws and regulations specific to armed guards. As well as responsibilities of armed security personnel.

Advanced Observation and Reporting

Enhanced techniques for effective observation and surveillance, Advanced methods for documenting incidents.

Emergency Response Procedures

Advanced first aid and tactical medical training. Fire safety, evacuation protocols, and active shooter response.

Conflict Resolution &

Techniques for managing and defusing high-risk situations & negotiation strategies for armed encounters.

Access Control and Patrolling

Advanced procedures for controlling entry and exit points in high-security environments.

Customer Handling & Service

Maintaining a professional demeanor while armed while
Handling high-pressure inquiries.

Classroom portion of course only.
Please contact us to schedule and pay for your range proficiency separately.

Training School: F28629601