Level Four | Bodyguard License


Our Personal Protection and Bodyguard License training course prepares individuals for high-stakes personal security roles. This elite program covers specialized skills and advanced techniques essential for ensuring the safety and security of high-profile clients in a variety of settings.

Course Outcome:

Excel in Personal Protection and Bodyguard Services with Specialized Training

Personal Protection Fundamentals

Understanding the role and responsibilities of a personal protection specialist

Advanced Tactical Training

Specialized training in defensive tactics and close-quarters protection.

Legal and Ethical concerns

Comprehensive study of laws and regulations related to personal protection

Surveillance and Counter-Surveillance

Advanced methods for conducting surveillance on potential threats.

Emergency & Evacuation Procedures:

Coordination with law enforcement and emergency services during critical incidents.

LEARNING Threat & Risk Management

Continuously monitoring and updating security measures based on evolving threats.

Client Relations and privacy

Building and maintaining strong client relationships with high-profile individuals.

Health and Safety Awareness:

Maintaining peak physical fitness and mental alertness to be prepared in any situation.

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